Limiting Beliefs and Goal Setting

Goals Illustration

Habits can empower behavior, but they can also limit behavior. It is the limiting habits or old recordings (in the subconscious mind) that can prevent or slow down the progress towards goal attainment. Over the next week, identify a limiting behavior that no longer serves you in the achievement of your 2014 goal. Once identified, rewrite/reframe that believe (behavior) by not making an excuse for it. Example: I can write a book in 2014, even it I have never written an article.

If achieving your goal is creating stress, then think on your goal with a heart of gratitude. February is Heart Health Month. I am giving away a free stress management session a week in honor of this month. Inbox me if you are interested in a free stress management session. Email me at for more information.

If you are serious about reducing the stress in your life, then you need to purse and use the Emwave 2. Click the banner below for more information.

HeartMath LLC emWave2

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