Stress and a Healthy Heart

emWave2 by HeartMath LLC

According to, Everyone feels stress in different amounts and reacts to it in different ways.
How much stress you feel and how you react to it can lead to a wide variety of
health problems — and that’s why it’s critical to know what you can do about
it. Research has also shown that the heart communicates with brain and in that communication controls emotions.  By creating a more balance heart rhythm, coherence, a person can distress and be more in control of the emotions that might be creating health problems.

According to the CDC nearly 90% of doctor visits are related to some form of underlying stress.  Often we experience this stress as feelings of overwhelm, anxiety or depression, or we become quickly irritated and angry when unexpected situations arise.  Luckily there is something you can do about this.

If you are experiencing stress on any level in your life, then you need HeartMath’s scientifically validated tools and technology have helped thousands of individuals relieve their stress. Based on over 20 years of research these products train you to manage your body’s response to stress quickly and in the moment, bringing about more calm and balance, improving health and increasing mental focus.

HeartMath emWave Pro hardware and software program for mult-users

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