The Coherent Leader Series Blog#1

Over the next couple of blogs I am going to talk about Coherence and Leadership, hence The Coherent Leader.

What is Coherence? For the purpose of this blog series,  we will use coherence to mean a systematic or logical connection.We will also use the definition of coherence to mean, the  integration of diverse elements (the heart and the brain) and their relationship to one another and to leadership.

With the definition set, lets connect it to the Leadership. Over the next couple of blogs, my intent to is to help leaders understand:

The heart brain connection.

How to use coherence to regulate emotions.

How to use emotional regulation to motivate others.

What does it mean to be a Coherent Leader? A Leader is someone who is guiding a direction or path. A Coherent Leader is directing a group, individual or company with a systematic or logical connection to the heart and brain, thus reducing stress and improving overall performance of the place, person, or people he/she is directing.

According to Heartmath, one way to start the process of coherent leading is to put caring first. That is connecting the heart of one person to the heart of another person or organization.  The illustration below shows how this connection works to impact others.

Heart Science definition

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