The Coherent Leader Series #2


We all know that change is inevitable and stress as a result of change is also going to happen. This blog will address emotions balance of the leader at the forefront of change when will most likely produce stress.

In a poll conducted by Harris Interactive for a corporate client it was found that a total of 52% of employees say people in their workplace need help managing stress.

After many years of research,  HeartMath Institute found it is not our perceptions of events that cause stress, as many have believed until recently, but our emotional response to those perceptions.


They also found when you’re stressed – feeling anxiety, anger or other negative emotions – your heart processes that information and sends it to your brain in the form of disordered heart-rhythm patterns, leaving many of your body’s systems out of sync. This is what HeartMath calls a state of heart incoherence, but the research shows you can regain and sustain heart coherence by intentionally feeling and focusing on positive emotions such as appreciation and caring.

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