The Coherent Leader Series #3

In the last post I discussed the coherent heart. In this blog I will discuss  why it is important for stress management,  emotional regulation, and how to achieve a coherent heart.

Why is Heart Coherence Important?

Heart Coherence is using the power of your heart to balance thoughts and emotions. According to HearthMath, with heart coherence you can mental clarity and feel better fast anywhere. Additionally a coherent heart increases peak performance, decreases emotional depletion caused by stress, decreases the stress hormone Cortisol, increases DHEA, decreases anxiety, improves overall all health, and decreases stress. Below is what a coherent heart look like:


When you find your self feeling stress, try the “neutral tool” below to put your self in the zone and eliminate the emotional depletion caused by stress.

  • Take a time-out to disengage from your thoughts and feelings, especially stressful ones. Actually say to yourself, “time out,” as you recognize and feel your emotional triggers, then step back from all reactions to them.
  • Shift your focus to the area around your heart and feel your breath coming in and going out through your heart.
  • Tell yourself, “Go to neutral,” and remain in this neutral zone until your emotions ease and your perceptions relax.

emWave2 by HeartMath LLC

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