Achieving Goals Series 1 of 8: What Is Your Current Reality?

Starting this week for 8 weeks I am going to share the process of achieving goals when intention is not enough. Additionally, I am going to share how to use words to rewire your desires when Intention is not enough. The format for this series will be as follows. I will explain one principle from my 8 Effect Goal Setting Model and one tip on how to create your own 8 Effect, using 8 works, to help you learn and apply the goal setting principle.

The 8 Effect is the use of 8 goal setting principles and 8 words to activate each goal setting principle. I call the 8 words your 8 Effect. For each 8 Effect Goal Setting Principle and during your 8 Effect exercise I will provide a string of words with several blank spaces in a sentence. Your role is to complete the sentence using your own words to help you understand the principle.  During the 8 Effect exercise remember to:

  • Relax.
  • Be Present.
  • Reflect on what it will feel like to achieve your goal using a positive emotion.
  • Reflect on what it will look like to achieve your goal.

Use your 8 Effect when you become stuck and are no longer moving towards your goal. Effective uses your 8 Effect will help you rewire your desires to achieve your goals when intention is not enough.

Last week I wrote about the effects of stress in my blog. There I discussed the fight or flight response of stress. The same fight or flight response has been documented to exist during goal setting. If you become stress during goal setting, remember to use the neutral technique before trying your 8 Effect.

The Neutral Technique from HeartMath:

Timeout: Take a timeout to disengage from your stressful thoughts and feelings. Actually say to yourself, “timeout,” then step back.

Heart-Focus: Shift your focus to the area around your heart in the center of your chest and feel your breath coming in through your heart and going out through your solar plexus, right below your heart.

Heart Breathing: Breathe slowly and gently, in and out – four or five seconds in, four or five seconds out. Remain in this neutral zone until your emotions ease and your perceptions relax.

Using the neutral technique will help to eliminate your fight or flight response making you more receptive to change.

 current reality

The first Principle in my 8 Effect Goal Setting Model is: Awareness of Current Reality. You must BE AWARE OF YOUR CURRENT REALITY as it relates to the goal you are setting. For example, you are here and your goal is to be there.

Examples of financial and weight loss goals:

  • My current reality is I do not save money.
  • This is my current reality I over eat.

Your 8 Effect exercise for the Awareness of Current Realty Principle is: (chose one)

My current reality is _______   _________    ________   ______.

This is my current reality _________   _________    _______ .

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