Achieiving Goals Series 4 of 8: Developing a Positive Self Image

positive image

This week in my Achieving Goals Series,  I am focusing on developing a positive self image to support the goal. The forth Principle in my 8 Effect Goal Setting Model is Developing a Positive Self Image.

To achieve and sustain a goal, you must see a positive image of yourself in that goal. First imagine your self achieving the goal. Once you see your self achieving the goal, ask yourself these two questions:

What emotions are present when I achieve the goal? This creates an emotional connection to the goal, Next ask yourself, what does the positive image of me achieving this goal look like?

If you can not image yourself achieving the goal, borrow an old emotion from a past success and use that emotion to describe what you will feel when you achieve your current goal. The key to sustaining a goal is to create an emotional connection to the goal.

If you start out knowing what it looks like and feels like to achieve you goal(s), then you will know when you have achieved your goal. Once you have achieved your goal, it is time to set a new goal. Hence, it is important to see a positive image of yourself in the goal.

In the 8 Effect Exercise, your role is to complete the sentence using your own words to help you understand the principle. During the 8 Effect exercise remember to:

  • Relax.
  • Be Present.
  • Reflect on what it will feel like to achieve your goal using a positive emotion.
  • Reflect on what it will look like to achieve your goal.

Use your 8 Effect Exercise when you become stuck and are no longer moving towards your goal. Effective use of your 8 Effect will help you rewire your desires to achieve your goals when intention is not enough.

Example of a financial goal using The 8 Effect Exercise. Remember as you start to develop and positive self image, you start with knowing what emotions are present and what it looks like to achieve the goal.


What it feels like: I will feel excited about achieving financial freedom.

What it looks like: All my vacations are now paid in full.

Below is your 8 Effect Exercise for Positive Self Image.

What it feels like: I will feel ______    about achieving   ________   ______.

What it looks like: _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____.

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