Achieving Goals 6 of 8: Emotional Stability


This week in my Achieving Goals Series I am focusing on managing emotions. The sixth Principle in my 8 Effect Goal Setting Model is developing Emotional Stability.

Emotional Stability helps sustain a vision by managing emotions. Part of creating emotional stability is knowing how to control your emotions and develop emotional resiliency (bouncing back after a setback and not get “stuck” in old thoughts and patterns).

In the 8 Effect Exercise, your role is to complete the sentence using your own words to help you understand the principle. During the 8 Effect exercise remember to:

  • Relax.
  • Be Present.
  • Reflect on what it will feel like to achieve your goal using a positive emotion.
  • Reflect on what it will look like to achieve your goal.

Use your 8 Effect Exercise when you become stuck and are no longer moving towards your goal. Effective use of your 8 Effect will help you rewire your desires to achieve your goals when intention is not enough.

An example of a financial goal using the 8 Effect Exercise is below. Remember the person with emotional resilience has perseverance, and internal locus of control, and optimism: They see the positive in most situations and believe in their own strength.


During challenges, I believe in my own strength.

I trust in the process and move forward.

Below is your 8 Effect Exercise for Emotional Resilience:

During challenges, ______   ______  _______   _______  ______    _______.

I   _____  _____ _____ _____ _____ _____ _____.


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