Achieving Goals 7 of 8: The Dream Team

Support Team


This week in my Achieving Goals Series I am focusing on support systems. The seventh Principle in my 8 Effect Goal Setting Model is developing a support system “Dream Team.”

The Dream Team is a support system that supports the goal. The dream team should include people who provide resources or have been where you are trying to go. Mostly importantly, the Dream Team may or may not be current support members i.e., family members, colleagues, or friends.

The most important thing about creating a Dream Team that it creates a sense of belonging to supports the goal.

In the 8 Effect Exercise, your role is to complete the sentence using your own words to help you understand the principle. During the 8 Effect exercise remember to:

• Relax.
• Be Present.
• Reflect on what it will feel like to achieve your goal using a positive emotion.
• Reflect on what it will look like to achieve your goal.
Use your 8 Effect Exercise when you become stuck and are no longer moving towards your goal. Effective use of your 8 Effect will help you rewire your desires to achieve your goals when intention is not enough.

My Dream Team supports me to my goal.

Below is your 8 Effect Exercise for Emotional Resilience:
My Dream ____ _____ ____ ____ ____.

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