Silencing Your Second-Grader– Three Tips to Managing Stress


What does your second-grader say to your adult self?

Some neuro research has defined second-graders as having a propensity to worry, and have a need to a need to feel stable, for their brains to acquire maximum knowledge.

For the purpose of this blog, I will refer to a second-grader as the adult with negative thought patterns, with a need to feel safe and  emotionally secure. When a second-grader shows up inside the body of an adult, it will lead the adult to unacceptable behavior, relationships, career and life choices.

At the moment your second-grader starts to take control of your adult life and leads you to worry, emotional insecurity and anxiety, and then use the follow three steps to stop your emotional depletion from the second-grade critic.

D (disengage from the stressful thought immediately),

N (note the need of the second-grader), and

A (activate thoughts of gratitude from the heart to help calm the flight or fight stress response.)

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