Help your child overcome the challenges of obesity!

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The experts at The Child Obesity Project have struggled through their own weight challenges as children, or have managed to raise children and guide them through the temptations and distractions that are common today. Their years of experience will teach you the basic requirements of a healthy lifestyle and the delicate balance between guiding children and creating defiance.


David White, your host, is a reformed fast-food addict and overweight child who understands the challenges, anxiety and depression that come hand-in-hand with looking different from everyone else, and it can be all-consuming–feeling unable to fully participate in life for fear of being singled out or ridiculed. The Child Obesity Project covers important methods and steps for parents to help their children overcome this.

Marc David – The Psychology of Healthy Eating

There’s far more to weight loss than just eating less and exercising more – of huge importance is the psychology around eating habits. Marc David, world-renowned expert in this field, talks us through practical strategies to change our relationship with food and encourage children to empower their own food choices.

Paul Chek – A 4-Doctors Approach to Children’s Wellness

Paul’s “4 Doctors” system – combining nutrition, movement, goals-setting and health esteem, and introspection – covers the foundational principles of holistic health in a simple and practical manner. Used by tens of thousands of his students around the world, the “4 Doctors” are easily understood and, when implemented correctly eliminates all symptoms of dis-ease – obesity included!

Amy Roskelley & Natalie Monson – Healthy Habits for Lifelong Success

It’s one thing to encourage a child to live healthily when they live at home, but what about when they head out into the adult world and face adult choices? Amy and Natalie discuss the importance of encouraging children to participate in healthy routines and give us an insight into the thought processes a child has when faced with unhealthy food – and how to encourage them to do the right thing.

Eric Hulse – Organic Gardening for Children

There’s nobody more qualified to comment on what does and does not work to encourage children to model healthy behaviour than a high-school teacher who is also a health coach.

Eric uses his experience as an educator, coach and founder of an organic gardening club for his students to teach us how to encourage children to become involved in their health – and what to do if they show resistance

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