Nina Sonovia, MS

Nina Sonovia MS has over 20 years of experience assisting individuals and teams with peak performance,  goal setting, and stress management. She holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling and is certified in Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Training for stress management and peak performance.

She is the Founding Director and CEO of Solonco Biofeedback Institute. Solonco specializes in peak performance and stress management training through biofeedback and nutrition.

Nina is a published poet and author of a children’s book about grief and loss titled A Rose for Mat™, Creator of The ReThink: Achieving Goals When Intention Is Not Enough™, Creator of Your Finances 101™, Creator of Goal Setting When Intention Is Not Enough, Creator of Your Life’s Encore: Controlling Your Emotions After A Life Transition™, Guest on Denver Community Credit Union’s weekly radio show highlighting The 8 Effect™ principles titled Getting Beyond Good Intentions, Creator of ComPASS: The Right College Start™, and a former college professor. Creator of the Series Rewiring Your Desires To Achieve Goals When Intention Is Not Enough™.

Additionally, Nina is an Advisory Board Member to Transparent Corporation (a Brainwave Entrainment Software Company), a HeartMath Institute (HMI)  Provider, and a Member of The NeuroLeadership Institute. She is currently studying to become a Nutrition Coach using functional medicine.

One Response to Nina Sonovia, MS

  1. Sara Wahls says:

    So great that you are spreading the news about Terry Wahls work. I’ve lost 25 llbs and my acne, eczema, teeth and sinuses have improved tremendously. Great stuff!!! My email address is below, if you want me to email you my 9 page testimonial document regarding our anti- inflammation lifestyle.

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